Crueltear Stage 5 Pose

The story of the Triggerheart Unit 32 is about to begin...

Below is the English script of Crueltear's Story Mode in Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced. The script was made using translations provided by Facebook member Agustinus Zheng and Shmups forum member nZero.

Main PrologueEdit

Ver'mith Symbol

A sign of an alien evil is on the stars.

......Coming out of the darkness, enshrouding the skies, splitting the sea,
choking the earth, devouring the mind.

Ver'mith VS Tilde Fleet

C.H.I.L.D.A. ships fighting back, despite having a disadvantage against the agressor.

The grand battleship empire "Ver'mith" invaded the planet, taking the cosmic stars down, and engulfing the land in flames.

With inner instincts, they spread terror to every nation and disband them and due to the corrosive nature of the pure living specimen, shall bring doomsday.

Their rival, the Super Space Administration Defense Unit "C.H.I.L.D.A."
wishes to end the battle after reading the cause of chaos,

Story Mode Prologue - Crueltear is born

The Triggerheart Unit TH32, Crueltear, is created.

Triggerheart: C.H.I.L.D.A.'s 7th division of secret weapons deployed as humanoid fighters.
That is their truth that lies in the battle.

With their ability combined with the Triggerheart weapon,
C.H.I.L.D.A. is temporarily regrouping.

C.H.I.L.D.A. has entered the battlefield against Ver'mith units during the battle.

Story Mode Prologue - Exelica heading to the light

Exelica heading to the gate.

Meanwhile, Ver'mith's units are prepared with massive machinery
from outer space they recuperated and reengage
in the grand rotation of "gate" in space.
What lies the outcome before their eyes in the battle.....

Character PrologueEdit

Part 1: Missing FriendEdit

Crueltear Story Mode 01 - That girl...

Crueltear worried about one of her Triggerheart allies.

[Screen unfades showing Exelica and Crueltear without their headgear parts]

Crueltear: The gate entrance is wide open. We will shoot down and seal the Ver'mith from afar. Then, we will enter in a pincer attack.
Exelica: Yes.
Crueltear: That girl, I thought she joined the fray.
Exelica: That girl?

Crueltear Story Mode 02 - TH44 Faintear

Faintear befriending Crueltear.

[Scene changes to a sepia colored flashback of Crueltear and Faintear together]

Crueltear: "TH-44 Faintear" Before we fought together, I befriended her in during the last battle before.

[Screen shows Exelica and Crueltear again]
Exelica: Which Triggerheart?
Crueltear: Someday, I'll make sure I see her again. Until then, we will come home alive after our operations succeeded this time no matter what.
Exelica: Yes!
Crueltear: (Exelica.... I'll protect you.)

[Fades to white, then the screen turns black]

Part 2: Damaged CommunicationEdit

Crueltear Story Mode 03 - Damages

C'r_na appears infront of a headached Crueltear and a worried Exelica.

Exelica:, ...Sister, Sister!
Crueltear: uh...
Exelica: [Screen flashes to white] Sister!
C'r_na: Now recuperating [an explosion is heard]

[Screen unfades, revealing an image of C'r_na materialized in front of both Exelica and Crueltear.]

Exelica: Sister! Thank goodness. Are you alright?
Crueltear: Yeah, I'm fine. That damage before, my data link for once... C'r_na, show me the report.
C'r_na: [C'r_na's materialization sound is heard] Star project is under maintenance. The connection is still jamming. Cannot be authenticated due to bad signal.
Crueltear: You can't? What should we do?
C'r_na: The transmission is leaking. While Ver'mith's transfer gate is working in process and the situation in surrounding space is swarming, our programming will be overloaded.
Crueltear: And they're moving in? Ver'mith's transfer gate.
C'r_na: It is already known, I'm afraid.
Crueltear: We are in big trouble. I wonder if we can take the ambush safely...
C'r_na: It seems you're not alright although you'll be okay from there. You need some maintenance mode.
C'r_na: And, the star is entering anti-cosmic. We don't know where the mother star falls.
C'r_na: The current level of intelligence right now is that satellite arrival communication. And we have the communication recovery.
Crueltear: I see, we can gather existing intels with it. We may have hopes left.
C'r_na: Electric transmission language is now deciphering.
Exelica: Sister.
Crueltear: Exelica, I'm glad you're alright. I made a promise to protect you myself.
Exelica: Huh?
Crueltear: No, it's nothing. And we may have returned to Earth. What's the status, C'r_na?
C'r_na: There is no hostile in the middle area. But due to current cause, we are able to safely activate the backup defense system.
C'r_na: Activating safety mode.
Crueltear: Please do.

Part 3: First ContactEdit

Crueltear Story Mode 04 - Outside C'rna dyne

Triggerhearts outside C'rna_dyne.

[Scene changes showing Crueltear and Exelica outside C'rna_dyne, apparently the ship landed on a beach and the seawater covers both Triggerhearts feet.]

Crueltear: That star is Ver'mith's target, right?
Crueltear: Right now we're fine because there's no enemy attack.
Crueltear: C'r_na, can you hear me? Please start the recovery mode.
C'r_na: Understood.
Crueltear: We can't get more hope if we don't fight.
C'r_na: Let's enter recovery battle mode.
Exelica: Ah, what's that living thing...?
Crueltear: Eh, what? Ahh!!

[Scene changes as a dog gets close to Crueltear]

Crueltear and Watt

Crueltear meets Watt for the first time.

Exelica: Are you alright, sister!?
C'r_na: Commence attack? We are about to shoot...
Crueltear: No, no! Stop! It wasn't their attack, ehehe!
Exelica: You're not going with the "four feet". There might be feeling for another attack again.
Exelica: We live to observe living things, sister.
Skiltall: Watt, what's wrong?
Skiltall: There's someone who is healthy... hm?
Crueltear: Humanoid. A species of a young man.
Crueltear: Did I startle you? Anyway, it wasn't an enemy attack. How about we see the families from here?
Exelica: Can you see them from afar, Sister?
Crueltear: It's my first contact.

Part 4: We're TriggerheartsEdit

Crueltear Story Mode 05 - Skiltall

Skiltall meets the Triggerhearts, adopting them as daughters.

[Scene changes showing Skiltall metting both Crueltear and Exelica]

Skiltall: Who are you girls? Those mechanical things?
Crueltear: Nice to meet you. Um, we're from blue star intels.
Exelica: Hello.
Crueltear: We're Triggerhearts. Advanced humans sharing hopes.
Crueltear: We live to destroy Ver'mith, C.H.I.L.D.A.'s weaponry.
Skiltall: ......?
Crueltear: Um, sorry, we didn't get through. From now on, we can communicate with you using languages we got in the stars.
Exelica: We can use some help.
Crueltear: We've been through from Earth.
Crueltear: (We seem to have lived in Earth we know. Looks like they know something about "Planet" they called and us, and then we waited until then.)
Crueltear: And we, with Skiltall's unknown ability, call our father.

[Screen fades to black]

Part 5: RegenerationEdit

Crueltear Story Mode 06 - Anchor Generator

Crueltear and Watt on the Anchor Generator.

[Screen unfades showing Crueltear utilizing the Anchor Generator, creating C'rnBurn Vis while Watt is sleeping]

Crueltear: Alright, with this level...
Crueltear: The Anchor Generator speed will be fine. I can still fly while grabbing some units. Right, C'rnBurn?
Crueltear: (But, if possible, I don't have to fight)
Crueltear: (I don't want to cause a chaos while bursting through the space)
Crueltear: (Like I said, We can't use skills to go back home to our mother star now)
Crueltear: At least we're fine because I can save Exelica. Before we can connect, I contacted with Faintear when I was lost... and I was saved...
Crueltear: ....
Crueltear: Wh, what was she thinking about me right now?
Crueltear: Maybe he was waiting nicely for not putting back on me?
Crueltear: Maybe it might be in another star space?
Watt: *Dog humm*
Crueltear: Hmm, what's wrong, Watt?

Part 6: EmergencyEdit

Crueltear Story Mode 07 - Emergency

Alarms go off as the Ver'mith arrives on Earth.

C'r_na: [An alarm is heard] It's C'r_na, Crueltear! There's a presence within the gate in space.
Crueltear: That must be...!
C'r_na: A past light pattern, it must be....
C'r_na: Ver'mith!

[Scene gets a reddish pink tone due to the emergency alarms. A close-up of Crueltear is added.]

Crueltear: They're heading to Earth!?
C'r_na: The enemy units are coming in packs. Probably their cores have gained more advanced upgrades.
Crueltear: C'r_na, take over the trace. Gather more data.
Crueltear: You be good now. I'll go out and attack, and such, like I said.
Crueltear: Do stay out of trouble.
Watt: *Dog humm*

[Fades to black]

Part 7: Triggerheart LaunchEdit

Crueltear: So we're fighting in the stars.
Crueltear: I'll find out their attacks together with Exelica. C'r_na, if anything's bad happened, please defend the unit.
C'r_na: Yes. I will once you take the leave.
C'r_na: Please be careful, your unit is still not ready for combat.
Crueltear: Got it. Thanks.
Crueltear: Here I go!
C'r_na: Ranged accelerator, activate!
Crueltear: Field activate! Executing enhanced link drive activation! Charging up laser cannon C'rnBurn, Launching anchor Cr'nBurn Vis
Crueltear: Unit Crueltear, going!!

[Prologue ends]

Stage 1Edit

Part 1: Stage StartEdit

[Exelica and Crueltear are seen flying above the clouds at the break of dawn. Camera's angle changes as the clouds are seen. Gameplay interrupts]

Exelica: Sister...
Crueltear: What's the matter? Nervous?, Exelica.
Crueltear: Ver'mith's weak point is wide open. I'll crush it.
Crueltear: No matter which way we go, we'll just have to settle this. Definitely.
Crueltear: Of course, there might be another dangerous area.
Crueltear: We'll do it, if we must.
Exelica: Alright! I'll go first!

[Exelica breaks the 2 Triggerheart formation leaving Crueltear on her own in the battlefield, gameplay begins.]


[Crueltear engages in a one-on-one battle against a group of Esbarels and a Misuka Power-up carrier. Another formation of Esbarels appear. Once there's no enemies in sight, Crueltear prepares to descend from the clouds to attack the ground forces, then the gameplay interrupts.]

Part 2: Ver'mith TransmissionEdit

Ver'mith 00: What are you doing here, second unit?
Ver'mith 02: How unexpected. Our status cannot be verified.
Ver'mith 00: Additional status. What's the sample aircraft?
Ver'mith 01: Some functions will be unusable for Pallete parts' feedback.
Ver'mith 00: It should move. It's an original excavation equipment.
Ver'mith 02: Agreed.
Ver'mith 01: Understood.
Crueltear: The core is our primary target, and a piece of Ver'mith from upper route, we'll defeat as far as possible!

[Returns to gameplay. Crueltear eliminates the ground forces successfully.]


System Voice: Emergency!, Emergency!, The target is approaching. ¿Are you ready?

[Ver'mith Aragabis is deployed to stop Crueltear, Gameplay interrupts.]

Part 3: Boss ApproachingEdit

Crueltear: Here goes the corrupted core!
Crueltear: Ground battle, eh? I'll stop you from attacking any further!

[Gameplay resumes. Crueltear attacks Aragabis within the score-time limit, destroying it with no problems. After exploding, Aragabis transforms to its second mode]

Part 4: Boss BattleEdit

[Gameplay interrupts]

Crueltear: You're annoying!

[Gameplay resumes again, Crueltear destroys Aragabis second form, only to transform into its third mode. Gameplay interrupts once again]

Crueltear: What's next to come. There's a charged firepower.

[Gameplay resumes once again, Crueltear destroys Aragabis again, then it transforms into its fourth form. Gameplay interrupts again.]

Crueltear: Desperation attack. I'll take it down!

[Gameplay resumes again, Crueltear defeats Aragabis once again, but it transforms into it's fifth and final form. Gameplay once again is interrupted.]

Crueltear: This ends here!

[Gameplay resumes. Crueltear finally destroys Aragabis. As it explodes, the game interrupts once again before the final explosion.]

Part 5: Boss DestroyedEdit

Crueltear: Core destroyed completely.
Crueltear: What's this...!? Another unit!?


[Gameplay resumes for a brief moment as Faintear Imitate appears, then the gameplay is interrupted again.]

Part 6: Imitate AppearsEdit

Crueltear Story Mode 08 - Are you... Faintear

Crueltear's first encounter with Faintear Imitate.

Imitate: Here I come. Are you my enemy?
Crueltear: Are you... Faintear!? No, who are you!?
Imitate: Ha! What are you babbling about!? Let's fight!
Imitate: Say, what's your purpose? Just say it!
Crueltear: Grr....!
Imitate: Hm... Are you mad?
Crueltear: I'll just make you shut up for making fun out of me!

[Gameplay resumes. Crueltear's first fight against Imitate begins, Crueltear defeats her with no problem. Gameplay is interrupted after her first defeat.]

Part 7: Imitate's First DefeatEdit

Imitate: You're only seeing things moving as your wish, I see.
Crueltear: What!?

[Gameplay resumes. Crueltear defeats Imitate again. Gameplay is interrupted once again.]

Part 8: Imitate's Second DefeatEdit

Imitate: Owh! I got beaten down. So hopeless.
Imitate: You're pretty good. We'll have fun again in another time.
Crueltear: You're running away!? Wait!

[Gameplay resumes as Imitate retreats, then the gameplay is once again interrupted.]

Part 9: Imitate Escapes - Stage ClearEdit

Crueltear: That was almost too intense. Was that...
Crueltear: ...Faintear, right?......

[Gameplay resumes for a few seconds as the screen cuts to black.]


[Player's performance, bonus points and total score are revealed.]

[Stage ends.]

Stage 1 CutsceneEdit

Crueltear Story Mode 09 - Ver'miths on the city

Crueltear and C'rnBurn Vis heading to a city turned into a battlefield.

[Crueltear and C'rnBurn Vis are seen flying about a city]

Crueltear: C'rnBurn, we can win this with your help.
Crueltear: Ver'mith unit will be on the way quick, and looks like the enemy's unit level is growing. Anyway, we'll focus on finding sources.
Crueltear: If that girl is advancing while protecting and recovering the core, it will be calculated.
Crueltear: Anyway, with me and Exelica, we'll protect the first wide open core.
Crueltear: We can't let her have in her way in the star.

[Fades to black]

[Cutscene ends.]

Stage 2Edit

Part 1: Stage Start Edit


[Crueltear arrives without interrupting the game and the gameplay begins.]


System Voice: Emergency!, Emergency!, The target is approaching. ¿Are you ready?

Part 2: Boss ApproachingEdit

[Gameplay is interrupted before Ver'mith Gharatoaga appears]

Crueltear: That's the next core.... Now they are armed with cannons!

[Gameplay resumes, Crueltear battles Gharatoaga on its first form.]

Part 3: Boss BattleEdit

[Crueltear destroys Gharatoaga's first form only to transform into its second mode. Gameplay interrupts]

Crueltear: It's firepower is big, I can't make another safe recovery!

[Gharatoaga's second form is destroyed. It changes into it's third mode. Gameplay is interrupted again.]
Crueltear: Another desperation attack incoming!!
Crueltear: C'rnBurn, let's go!

[Gameplay resumes and Crueltear eliminates Gharatoaga's third mode, it transforms into it's fourth and last mode. Gameplay is interrupted once again.]
Crueltear: You're so... Annoying!

[Gharatoaga's last form is destroyed, eliminating the second Ver'mith core once and for all. Gameplay is interrupted one last time.]

Part 4: Boss Destroyed - Stage ClearEdit

Crueltear: Looks like that red unit doesn't come now. It can't be... she's targeting Exelica!?

[Gameplay resumes for a few seconds as the screen cuts to black.]


[Player's performance, bonus points and total score are revealed.]

[Stage ends.]

Stage 2 CutsceneEdit

Crueltear Story Mode 10 - Above the clouds

TH32, Above all.

[Screen unfades showing Cruetlear and C'rnBurn flying above the clouds]

Crueltear: Due to the home planet we're in, we might have commenced lost's plan.
Crueltear: Ver'mith will claim more resources through the parallel gateway, and precisely they're going to create a chaotic unit.
Crueltear: They're aiming at the Earth only.
Crueltear: No matter how much we're thinking, they're not reporting the situation on Earth.

Crueltear Story Mode 11 - Above the clouds (Eyes closed)

Crueltear trying to answer her own questions.

Crueltear: [Closes her eyes and thinks to herself.] (Lost like said, why Faintear?)
Crueltear: (Exelica, do you know?)
Crueltear: [Opens her eyes again.] No, I'll just have to destroy the enemies in my sight!

[Screen fades to black]

[Cutscene ends.]

Stage 3Edit

Part 1: Stage StartEdit


[Crueltear appears on the bottom left part of the screen, gameplay interrupts.]

Crueltear: Looks like they won't rest. But they're just enemies to me.
Crueltear: No matter how you will attack, it's out of question!

[Gameplay resumes. The player eliminates the Ver'mith aerial fleet]


System Voice: Emergency!, Emergency!, The target is approaching. ¿Are you ready?

Part 2: Boss ApproachingEdit

[Ver'mith Flagreat Merr appears.]

[Gameplay interrupts.]

Crueltear: Core, again! This makes the third!
Crueltear: That won't move for long. I'll just shoot it down quickly!

[Gameplay resumes. Crueltear eliminates Flagreat Merr. However, Flagreat Vis appears to engage Crueltear. Gameplay interrupts before fighting.]

Part 3: Boss BattleEdit

Crueltear: Not yet!

[Gameplay resumes. Crueltear attacks and destroys Flagreat Vis, but Flagreat Nact appears right after the explosion. Once again the gameplay is interrupted.]
Crueltear: No matter how much your weapons are improved, you're inferior to me!

[Exelica destroys Flagreat Nact.]


[Faintear Imitate arrives. Gameplay interrupts.]

Part 4: Imitate AppearsEdit

Imitate: We meet again. How are you? You miss me?
Imitate: If you want to attack me again, give me your best shot!
Crueltear: Don't screw with me!
Crueltear: Are you Faintear? If you are, just show me by using communication link gate right now!
Imitate: What's that!? You're annoying!
Crueltear: If you ask me why I fight... it's a waste of time. Now it's meaningless.
Crueltear: C'rnBurn, Sighting now!
Imitate: Owh, scary. Hey, are you really angry?
Imitate: Ahaha! Let's fight!

[Gameplay resumes. Crueltear defeats Faintear Imitate again.]

Part 5: Imitate DefeatedEdit

[Gameplay interrupts.]

Imitate: Awh, got busted again.
Imitate: Boring.
Imitate: Weird. Now running!! Bye!!

[Gameplay resumes. Faintear Imitate retreats again.]

Part 6: Imitate Escapes - Stage ClearEdit

[Gameplay interrupts again.]

Crueltear: You're Faintear, right!?
Crueltear: Wait!!

[Gameplay resumes for a few seconds as the screen cuts to black.]


[Player's performance, bonus points and total score are revealed.]

[Stage ends.]

Stage 3 Cutscene Edit

[Screen unfades, showing a close up of Crueltear. Then it changes to a scene where Exelica, Watt and Crueltear are walking on the beach as C'r_na floats above them.]

Part 1: Peaceful DaysEdit

Crueltear Story Mode 12 - A Triggerheart's Thoughts

Crueltear thinking about her past experiences.

Exelica: Sis! Watt, come on!
Crueltear: How's the situation? Can we see the earthling in planet? C'r_na!
C'r_na: Hm, Wonder if there's a Spec Suit...
Crueltear: What's that again!?
C'r_na: Ah, nothing...

Crueltear Story Mode 13 - Beach stroll

One of the Triggerhearts peaceful moments.

Part 2: A Reason to FightEdit

[Crueltear's close up is seen again.]

Crueltear: Despite being born as a weapon... right now, fighting like this, makes me feel surprisingly uneasy.
Crueltear: If we reach within the star, we might feel uneasy.
Crueltear: If I rely on my weapons myself, I might forget about the peaceful days.
Crueltear: But, Exelica and I would reach to the planet... And, that's the reason we fight.
Crueltear: After all, I am a Triggerheart.
Crueltear: Yes, back then C.H.I.L.D.A. appeared.

Crueltear Story Mode 14 - Crueltear's Purpose

Crueltear makes her final decision.

Crueltear: [Her face expression changes] Just wait, Watt, father. I will return the peace just now. We are, Triggerhearts.

[Screen fades to black.]

[Cutscene ends.]

Stage 4Edit

Part 1: Stage StartEdit


[Crueltear appears on the bottom left part of the screen, gameplay interrupts.]

Crueltear: The next core must be inside, I'll blow them out!
Crueltear: My unit or Exelica's unit usage wasn't perfect as expected... But I must end this!

[Gameplay resumes, Crueltear eliminates the ground resistance on the surface. Then she heads to an underground base where the enemy has set a massive defense line which Crueltear takes down with no problem.]


System Voice: Emergency!, Emergency!, The target is approaching. ¿Are you ready?

[Gameplay interrupts as Ver'mith Willdiac is seen.]

Part 2: Boss ApproachingEdit

Crueltear: Recovery type... I see.

[Gameplay resumes. Crueltear defeats Willdiac]

Part 3: Boss BattleEdit

[Willdiac's second pair of arms are installed. Gameplay interrupts.]

Crueltear: What a nuisance!

[Crueltear destroys Willdiac's arms. However, a third pair of arms are installed. Gameplay is interrupted again.]
Crueltear: This time, it's a light weaponry power!

[Crueltear destroys Willdiac's arms once more. The fourth and last pair of arms is installed. Gameplay is interrupted once again.]

Crueltear: I can't let you transform any longer!

[Crueltear destroys the arms and Willdiac. Gameplay is interrupted one last time.]

Part 4: Boss Destroyed - Stage ClearEdit

Crueltear: [Thinking to herself] I got a lot stronger now. Exelica, I hope you're alright.

[Gameplay resumes for a few seconds as the screen cuts to black.]


[Player's performance, bonus points and total score are revealed.]

[Stage ends.]

Stage 4 CutsceneEdit

Crueltear Story Mode 15 - Last Stand

Crueltear heading to the final battle.

[Screen unfades, showing Crueltear about to engage several Ver'mith fighters.]

Crueltear: Damn it! I can't be bothered! [An explosion is heard.]
Crueltear: Perhaps the Master Core is far away!? It might be heavily guarded just now.
Crueltear: If it turned up, the disturbance might be swept in!
Crueltear: Here I go!!

[Screen fades to black]

[Cutscene ends.]

Stage 5Edit

Part 1: Stage StartEdit


[Crueltear appears on the bottom left part of the screen, gameplay interrupts.]

Crueltear: Let's go, C'rnBurn. Give me your power!

[Gameplay resumes. Crueltear engages with the final wave of Ver'mith forces guarding the Master Core's location. Gameplay interrupts as a Ver'mith Sub-Core appears.]

Part 2: Mid-Boss EncounterEdit

Crueltear: This pattern! It's protected by flowing stones
Crueltear: It's big. I'll save it when it's clear.

[Gameplay resumes. Crueltear destroys the Ver'mith Sub-Core and grabs two Power Up items and an Extra Bomb item.]


[Faintear Imitate appears. Gameplay interrupts]

Part 3: Imitate AppearsEdit

Imitate: Ahaha, I'm impressed you made it this far. Well, since I was here too, let me welcome you.
Imitate: Oh, it's not me. Well, I guess I can't finish you off.
Crueltear: Get back. My pinpoint precision this time is that you don't have self-confidence.
Imitate: Self-confidence? Ha!
Imitate: What a trash talk!
Imitate: Whatever. I'll just slowly destroy your Anchor Unit.
Crueltear: What's that mean!?
Imitate: Shut up. Once I claim your parts data, I will become complete with your materials!
Imitate: And I'll surpass the original. Prepare yourself.
Imitate: When I want to win more, I really wish I can bury you here.
Crueltear: Original!? So that means...! You must be Faintear's... a Triggerheart, copy!?
Crueltear: Fine then. In the name of the Triggerhearts, I will never lose to you!

[Gameplay resumes. Crueltear defeats Faintear Imitate one more time.]

[Gameplay interrutps.]

Part 4: Imitate DefeatedEdit

Imitate: No... not yet...

[Gameplay resumes. Several Fardotts aim at the player in an imminent, sure death firing sequence. Gameplay interrupts before firing.]

Part 5: Exelica AppearsEdit

Exelica: Go!!
Imitate: What!?

[Gameplay resumes. Exelica's bomb shot destroys the Fardotts before they fire. Exelica appears next to Crueltear.]

[Gameplay interrupts.]

Part 6: Imitate's Second DefeatEdit

Imitate: Damn...! Another one...!?
Crueltear: Exelica!
Exelica: Sis, are you okay?
Imitate: Ngh...!
Crueltear: Didn't I tell you? It's not only specs. If you don't believe and use your weapons well, you can't win.
Imitate: ...
Crueltear: Me and Exelica are different.
Crueltear: We are victorious!
Crueltear: All that's left is to destroy the core. Exelica, are you alright?
Exelica: Yes.
Crueltear: That's my sister.

[Gameplay resumes]

[The "Ending Route" will change depending if the player used a continue or not troughout the gameplay.]

Stage 5 - Normal Ending RouteEdit

[If the player used at least one continue during his / her gameplay.]

Part 1: Ennda AppearsEdit

[Imitate is destroyed, paralyzing Exelica. Suddenly, a pair of pink mechanical arms capture her. Gameplay interrupts.]

Exelica: Aaaaah!
Crueltear: Exelica!
Crueltear: No...! Exelica's core is weakening...!?

[Ennda's body appears as it merges with Exelica. Gameplay is interrupted.]

Part 2: Crueltear VS EnndaEdit

Crueltear: If this happens, I won't believe it if Exelica's life is taken away!!
Crueltear: I'll just destroy the defended core!
Crueltear: C'RNBURN!

[Gameplay resumes. Crueltear defeats Ver'mith Ennda, destroying her once and for all.]

Part 3: Stage ClearEdit

[Ver'mith Ennda explodes, freeing a deadly injured Exelica. Once again the gameplay is interrupted.]

Crueltear: Exelica!

[Gameplay resumes. With Ennda destroyed, the entire stage explodes. Exelica gets in an Anchor Lock position, aiming at Crueltear. Gameplay interrupts again.]

Exelica: I'm sorry. I can't hold.... my weakened block anymore...
Exelica: That red unit just now you were fighting... was now your enemy. Just run... sis.
Crueltear: What are you talking about in a weakened state! We're going home no matter what! Hang on!!
Exelica: Sister, goodbye. D'rfend!
Exelica: CAPTURE!

[Gameplay resumes, Exelica capture lock's Crueltear with her Anchor Unit. Exelica prepares to throw Crueltear away. Gameplay interrupts one last time before releasing Crueltear.]

Exelica: RELEASE!!!
Crueltear: EXELICAAAAA!!

[Gameplay resumes. Exelica throws Crueltear to the gate, as Crueltear spins uncontrollably, Exelica is left behind to her apparent death.]

[Fades to white. Level ends]

[Screen unfades as Crueltear is seen without her equipment falling from an unknown height]

[The song "Change a Tear into Hope" plays as the Staff Roll begins.]

Part 4: EpilogueEdit

[Crueltear is outside C'rna_dyne. Watt is next to her.]

PS2 Crueltear Normal Epilogue

Crueltear and Watt.

Crueltear: Say, Watt. Ever since we met and brought you in, you brought happiness.

[Watt humms]

Crueltear: Do you also miss Exelica? She'll be coming home.
Crueltear: Because she's my little sister.
Crueltear: Her strength... is that I won't believe it.

Crueltear Normal Ending - Sad Crueltear and Watt

Crueltear becomes sad despite her hopes to see Exelica again.

[Crueltear's expression changes into a sad face, implying Exelica has died.]

Crueltear: The battle just now, I was waiting for you... But now, I'll be forever waiting for Exelica.

[Fades to black]

[The Game Over theme plays as the Game Over logo appears, meaning the player's failure at completing the game.]


System Voice: Game Over.

["Now Loading" Anchor Unit icon appears on the bottom right part of the screen. Fades to black as the loading is complete and the Game Over theme ends.]

[If the player's score is not enough to reach rank 10th, the Main Menu screen appears.]

[If player's score is high enough to reach one of the 10 ranking positions the Rank In screen appears showing the Level 1 Clear pic of Crueltear as the background. The player enter his/her initials, then the Memory Card check message appears, game data Auto-saves.]

[Fades to black, and the Main Menu screen appears.]

Stage 5 - True Ending RouteEdit

[If the player did not used a continue during his/her gameplay, the True Ending Route is achieved.]

Part 1: Ennda AppearsEdit

[Ver'mith Ennda appears, knocking down Exelica with one of her arms.]

[Gameplay interrupts.]

Exelica: Aaaaah!

Part 2: Crueltear VS EnndaEdit

[Gameplay resumes as Ennda's arms get in position, then the game is interrupted once more.]

Crueltear: You hurt Exelica! Fight me now!!
Crueltear: C'rnBurn, let's go!!

[Gameplay resumes as Crueltear battles Ennda and emerges victorious]

Part 3: Stage ClearEdit

[Ver'mith Ennda is destroyed and Faintear Imitate appears infront of Crueltear. Then Exelica appears confirming that she survived Ennda's attack. Gameplay interrupts.]

Imitate: Impressive. You won.
Crueltear: What!?
Crueltear: You are...!?
Imitate: I am a Triggerheart copy, under Ver'mith control, fighting you girls, and the original.
Crueltear: Where's the original Faintear!? Did she get kidnapped?
Imitate: I don't know.
Crueltear: Something that we must find? But we haven't finished our fight yet.
Imitate: Do we have to fight more? I broke free from the control. And my original is your trusted friend.
Crueltear: Yeah, that's the Faintear I know.
Imitate: In the name of the Triggerhearts you said just now.
Imitate: I will settle this, On my original's behalf.
Crueltear: Settling?
Imitate: I'm destroying those who created me.
Imitate: I'm staying here to crush them. If you want to run, just go.
Crueltear: I'll tell Faintear about you, someday.
Imitate: As you wish. Go.

[Gameplay resumes as Imitate leaves the screen flying away, then both Crueltear and Exelica escape through the gate on the background.]

[Fades to white. Level ends.]

[The song "Track of Light" plays as the Staff Roll begins.]

Part 4: EpilogueEdit

Crueltear True Ending - Crueltear and Exelica

Exelica gets a little worried about Crueltear.

[Screen unfades, showing both Triggerhearts outside C'rna_dyne. Crueltear sits under a tree while Exelica looks worried.]

Exelica: Sister, are you okay?
Crueltear: I'm sorry that I made you worry. The regeneration process is dropping a little. But I'm sure I'll be fine above 90%. If I let my guard down, I would let myself be defeated.
Crueltear: Ah...
Exelica: So, what will happen now?
Crueltear: It's alright. There are only Triggerhearts besides us. Exelica, and I.
Exelica: Eh?
Crueltear: Let's find Faintear. We'll save her once we found her just now.

Group 53

The Triggerhearts hope to see Faintear someday.

[Scene changes showing both Triggerheart and Watt sitting outside C'rna_dyne.]

Exelica: Let me hear about Faintear, Sister.
Crueltear: Yeah. When I have a chance to tell you, alright?
Exelica: We'll be gladly seeing her someday.
Crueltear: Yeah. We don't know, but someday.
Crueltear: I have so many things to do as well.
Exelica: Yes. The earth's level is advancing, and because we have developed Over-technology things, we won't need anything else to try out. No problem because we know that humans can live on.
Crueltear: That's right. Humans, and girls...
Crueltear: Well, what's for the sample?
Exelica: Huh!? I..I...I can't do that!!
Crueltear: I see. Well, glad to hear.

[Fades to black]

[Game Over logo appears without its theme, meaning the player succeeded at completing the game]


System Voice: Game Over.

["Now Loading" Anchor Unit icon appears on the bottom right part of the screen. Fades to black as the loading is complete.]

[If the player's score is not enough to reach rank 10th, the Main Menu screen appears.]

[If player's score is high enough to reach one of the 10 ranking positions the Rank In screen appears showing the Level 1 Clear pic of Crueltear as the background. The player enter his/her initials, then the Memory Card check message appears, game data Auto-saves.]

[Fades to black, and the Main Menu screen appears.]


  • When Crueltear says Faintear's Triggerheart number, she says "Number 44" (ナンバー44 Nanbā Yon-jû Yon), while the script says "TH-44" rather than TH44.
  • The concept of "Crueltear unable to tell the difference between Imitate and the original Faintear" requires the TH32 to be blind, anmesic or INCREDIBLY stupid. She can't remember the Spec Suit design and colors of the original Faintear?, along with the fact that the original Faintear has smaller breasts, a VERY different voice and a different tone of blue in her eyes, not to mention the original Faintear appears at the beginning of the Prologue. So it begs an explanation.
  • If the player let Faintear Imitate escape at the end of Stage 1, there will be a glitch of some sorts where Crueltear will say "That was almost too intense. Was that... Faintear, right." before Imitate escapes, and again before the stage ends after Imitate retreats. This game error could imply the possiblity of an intended "Failed battle" dialogue that was cancelled by the developers at the last minute.
  • Unlike the Dreamcast version, Stage 2 lacks of a "Stage Start" dialogue, and it's quote is added at the beginning of Stage 3.
  • The Normal Endings of Crueltear and Exelica are very similar to the "UBW Route" ending of Fate/Stay Night, where Shiro Emiya sacrifies himself, while Sakura Matou waits for him to come back home, without knowing about his fate.
  • It is unknown how Exelica and Crueltear lose their equipment in the ending cutscenes, While Exelica only has the leg parts of her armor, Crueltear's Combat Gear was totally removed, leaving her in Spec Suit only. It is also unexplained how they survived their fall without their equipment, specially in Crueltear's case since she loses HER ENTIRE Combat Gear.