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Triggerheart Exelica: Perfect System

Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced (トリガーハート エグゼリカ エンハンスド Torigāhāto Eguzerika Enhansudo) is the second remake of Triggerheart Exelica and the last console version made. It was released by Warashi & Alchemist for the PlayStation 2 on March 26, 2009.

Plot Edit

In an unknown alien galaxy far away from the Milky Way, a war is waging between a group of human-like people called C.H.I.L.D.A. and a mysterious race of violent robotic vehicles known as the Ver’mith. C.H.I.L.D.A. employed their elite squad consisting of humanoid weapons known as Triggerhearts, three of the Triggerheart units, TH60 Exelica, her programmed sister TH32 Crueltear, and their ally TH44 Faintear were busily fighting the Ver’mith during an attack when a portal known as "Gate" opened and sucked Exelica and Crueltear, along with their Transport ship C'rna_dyne, while Faintear was captured by the Ver'mith fleet.

Materializing on planet Earth, Exelica and Crueltear soon made this planet their new home as they had no means of return, and losing their reasons to fight as they were also uncapable to know the outcome of the C.H.I.L.D.A.-Ver'mith war or Faintear's fate. Upon their arrival, both Triggerhearts were later adopted by an old man called Skiltall, and they lived as a normal family.

Some time later a new Gate opened and the surviving Ver'mith forces appeared. Intent on making Earth their primary fortress of attack, the Ver'mith quickly eliminated the majority of Earth’s defenses. As the destruction spreads, the once buried fighting instincts within Exelica and Crueltear re-awoke. The final battle against the Ver'mith has begun, but this time the Ver'mith have their own version of a Triggerheart unit, a copy of the original Faintear known as Faintear Imitate. Meanwhile, the original Faintear arrived on Earth after escaping from her captivity, and reunites with Exelica and Crueltear.

Outnumbered, but with their fighting instincts awoken, with a reason to fight, and with the original Faintear on their side again, the future of planet Earth and the entire galaxy rests on the Triggerheart units.

New FeaturesEdit


Arcade ModeEdit

The gameplay for this mode is identical to the XBOX Live Arcade version, for achieve the "True Ending" you must unlock the battles with Faintear Imitate in stages 1 and 3, and survive the game without continuing once.

Story ModeEdit

The Story Mode an improved version of what we saw on the Dreamcast, the main improvement was the inclusion of the Event CG, images used as the cutscenes of the story during the prologue and after completing a stage.

Differences between PS2 and XBLA versionsEdit

Graphics Edit

The PlayStation 2 "Enhanced" port is graphically superior to the Arcade and Dreamcast versions, however if we compare the in-game graphics with those of the XBLA version, they're toned-down, a possible reason behind the sacrifice of graphic quality could be the inclusion of Faintear, the Event CG and Stage 0.
TH44 Faintear

The original Faintear makes her appearance in this game.

Triggerheart Faintear Edit

Main Article: Faintear (Triggerheart)

The main feature of this game is the Triggerheart unit TH44 Faintear, whose speed is the fastest of all the Triggerhearts, along with the most powerful weapon in the game: The Laser Form (Laser F.) shot, due to the weapon's hability of create more Bonus Items and her speed, Faintear is ideal for either expert players and hi-score enthusiasts.

Special EditionEdit

The game was both released in a standard edition and a Special Edition including a Nendoroid Exelica with both A'rstear and D'rfend made by Good Smile Company.

Curiosities Edit

  • The toning down of graphics in favor of more contents is very similar to Thunder Force V: Perfect System on the PlayStation, where Tecno Soft sacrified the graphic details for the sake of extra features and faster loading times than the original Thunder Force V on the Sega Saturn.
  • The "OTHER" section of the Gallery can be unlocked without playing the game. Once the anime opening is over (or exit the Main Menu), you'll be on the title screen, wait until the company logos appear, once the Warashi logo disappears, a black screen with the word "TRIGGERHEART EXELICA" will appear, wait until it fades, and a slideshow with the Story Mode prologue will begin, wait until it ends and you'll return to the title screen, then press start (or circle), then head to gallery, select "Other" and the images will be unlocked.

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