Parallel Anchor

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Triggerheart Exelica Parallel Anchor (ドラマCD トリガーハート エグゼリカ ~パラレルアンカー~ Dorama CD Torigāhāto Eguzerika Parareru Ankā) is a Drama CD adaptation of the game, and a "Radio show" based on it.

Parallel Anchor was released by Frontier Works on August 4, 2007, in this story is introduced a new character: Exekuma, a Teddy bear whose eyes and nose form the word "Exe", who originally appeared in the Anchor Manga Warashi-kun comic strips of Arcadia Magazine.


  1. <リカとクルの投げっぱなしラジオ> オープニング (Opening) 6:37
  2. <リカとクルの投げっぱなしラジオ> なぜなにえぐぜ (Why "Exe"?) 4:32
  3. <リカとクルの投げっぱなしラジオ> プロジェクトEXE (Project EXE) 3:32
  4. <リカとクルの投げっぱなしラジオ> 続編&商品紹介 (Sequel and Product Introduction) 6:02
  5. <リカとクルの投げっぱなしラジオ> 緊急特報 (Emergency Special Report) 7:29
  6. <リカとクルの投げっぱなしラジオ> エンディング (Ending) 5:53
  7. <The Only Neat Thing To Do> Born to Fly 2:23
  8. <The Only Neat Thing To Do> エグゼリカ・リポート (Exelica Report) 7:20
  9. <The Only Neat Thing To Do> いさましいちびのブースター (Inspirational Chibi's Booster) 4:08
  10. <The Only Neat Thing To Do> The Only Neat Thing To Do 4:03
  11. <The Only Neat Thing To Do> 地球の緑の丘 (Green Hills of the Earth) 2:00
  12. キャストボーナスコメント (Cast Bonus Comment)

Curiosities Edit

  • Its the first time when we hear Crueltear with a younger voice rather than the adult tone from the Arcade and its Dreamcast port due to Kozue Shimizu's re-work on the character. This younger tone of voice was later used in Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced, becoming her definitive voice.

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