Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced - Title Screen

Too bad we didn't have a Trance version...

Ayane's song "GRAVITY ERROR" was used not just for the theme song in Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced, it was re-made as an instrumental slow-paced tune used during most scenes in the Story Mode.

Instances where the song was playedEdit

Exelica Story ModeEdit

  • Prolouge: When Exelica walks on the beach with the A'rstear / Flashback telling their encounter with Skiltall.
  • Prologue: During the Ver'mith attack on their home town.
  • Pre-Stage 2: During a flashback where Exelica recieves her pet cat Omelette.
  • Pre-Stage 3 Cutscene
  • Pre-Stage 5 Cutscene
  • Normal Ending, replacing "Change a Tear into Hope".

Crueltear Story ModeEdit

  • Prologue: When the Triggerhearts leave the C'rna_dyne and they met with Watt and Skiltall.
  • Pre-Stage 3 Cutscene
  • Pre-Stage 4 Cutscene

Faintear Story ModeEdit