This article is about the unused Anchor Unit Test Frame. For the Triggerheart Unit, see: Crueltear (Triggerheart).

Unused Crueltear

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The Anchor Unit Test Frame Crueltear (アンカーユニットテストフレームクルエルティア Ankā Yunito Tesuto Fureimu Kuruerutia) was a proposed character design for Triggerheart Exelica.

It was planned to be Exelica's partner, a powerful robot with an Anchor Unit embedded on its frame, along with an arm-mounted gun.

It is also known as Crueltear Anchor Frame (クルエルティア アンカーフレーム Kuruerutia Ankā Fureimu)

Operational History Edit

Due to its unuse in the games, there is little-to-none information about the Test Frame role in the series. It's is known that Crueltear was created as an Anchor System Test (アンカーシステムテスト Ankā Shistemu Tesuto) weapon to test the function and offensive capabilities of the Anchor Unit. Some time later, it was assigned as Exelica's partner and friend. Its purpose and function during its mission as Exelica's ally is unknown. However it is possible that the Test Frame might have a similar operational history than its Triggerheart counterpart.

Triggerheart Exelica RE:AnchorEdit

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In Triggerheart Exelica RE:Anchor, "Crueltear" makes an appearance, joining the Triggerhearts in their new battles. Strangefully, there's a back view sketch of C'r_na and Exelica's D'rfend next to it, which could possibly imply the Test Frame is a weapon under C'r_na / C'rna_dyne's control and can use either D'rfend and C'rnBurn Vis as it's Anchor Unit weapons.

Curiosities Edit

  • According to Kazuhiko Kakoi (GRA), this was the intended design for Crueltear. However, one of the staff members suggested a change in the character design, resulting in the Triggerheart sister that we know and love.
  • The Test Frame's name was passed to the Triggerheart Unit. GRA said he liked the name.
  • Along with the name, the colors of the Test Frame were also given to the TH32's Spec Suit and C'rnBurn Units.
  • There's more concept rough sketches of the Test Frame than it's Triggerheart namesake in Archive Anchor.
  • Due to its role as an Anchor System Test, it is the only character that can use an Anchor without a unit ship or a Triggerheart to control it. The same goes for its main weapon which can be fired without needing a Gunner/Companion Ship to do so.
  • If the Test Frame design wasn't changed, Triggerheart Exelica would be the second Warashi game featuring a team-up of a girl with a robot, just like the Lilia and Procyon team-up from Shienryu Explosion.
  • It is possible that the "Unused Triggerheart Death" premise of the original arcade ending was intended to be used on the Test Frame, which will make sense on Exelica's ending as Crueltear is left behind to her death.