Geared Up Crueltear

Geared up Crueltear.

The Combat Gear, is an augmented weaponry connected to a Triggerheart Unit and controlled by herself. This equipment is required to do battle with the Ver'mith Fleet.

The Combat Gear of a Triggerheart Unit consist of 5 essential parts

  1. The Spec Suit, a skin-tight outfit that looks like a swimsuit or a leotard, equipped with bulletproof parts on the arms. It's used as their normal clothes when they're not in battle.
  2. Armor parts and Thrusters, giving flight and aerial combat capabilities to the Triggerheart units.
  3. Semi-Autonomous Gunner Ship (A'rstear, C'rnBurn, G'll_Tous).
  4. Field Generators, parts that spontaneously distribute acquired power throughout the unit, with multiple functions, including defense and thrust. This generators are used to deploy the Space Interference Field.
  5. Anchor Unit (D'rfend, C'rnBurn Vis, G'll_Quard).

Although she is a Ver'mith created copy, Faintear Imitate is equipped with the Ver'mith's own version of the Combat Gear:

  1. Spec Suit (see above).
  2. Control Core, a device used by the Ver'mith to control her.
  3. Gigaheel, a retractable feet used for landing and walking.
  4. Thruster part on her back.
  5. Fardott, her Remote Extension Attack Units, replacing the need for Anchor Units or Gunner Ships.
  6. Sensor Jamming capability, it is unknown if its generated by Imitate or her Fardotts.

Extracanonical equipmentEdit

Kumash Gameplay

Captured?, Wait a minute, what am I doing using THEIR weapons!?

Faintear Imitate's Anchor Edit

In the i-mode game Kumash!, Faintear can capture an Esbarel using an Anchor-like weapon, it is unknown if she had one, but hey, the i-mode game is probably "Non-Canonical" with the Triggerheart Exelica storyline, so anything counts.