Claire Harvey

Claire Harvey in her "Combat mode" Variable Suit.

Claire Harvey (クレア・ハーヴェイ Kurea Hāvei) is a character from the 2013 manga and 2016 anime Hundred.

Claire is the highest-ranked Slayer in Little Garden who is from the United States of Liberia, she is called the Queen.

The newly-arrived student Hayato Kisaragi is forced to duel her to prevent the expulsion of other two students who arrived late to the entrance ceremony because they are looking for him at the airport when he arrived.

During the duel Hayato accidentally gropes her and she goes all out and defeats him, but the duel is called a draw and the students are allowed to stay. After Hayato saves her from a Savage and, later, accidentally kisses her, she falls in love with him. Her Hundred is a Dragoon Type where it can utilize multiple canons or transform into a large powerful rifle, but in doing so can drain much of her energy.

Curiosities Edit

  • From the perspective of a Triggerheart Exelica fan, Claire's "Combat Mode" design looks HEAVILY influenced by Faintear Imitate, giving her a well deserved place in the list of Triggerheart Knock Offs, but there's still a possibility that the character designer made her using Imitate as a base model.
  • Claire's swirled twintails are very reminiscent of Black Sister from Hyperdimension Neptunia.
  • Her birthday is October 16th.