The D'rfend is one of the Anchor Units used by the Triggerhearts.

The Anchor Unit (アンカーユニット Ankā Yunito) is the main weapon used by the Triggerhearts against the Ver'mith. It can be used as both Defensive and Offensive since an anchor captured enemy can be used by the Triggerheart as her shield, and for throw it against other targets, inflicting heavy damages. However, the Anchor takes some time for control and capture its target.

If the anchor is hooked to a large enemy (a boss for example) it'd be overloaded and it'd be unable to drag it, instead it can be used for slow the Triggerheart speed, helping the player to move trough tight spots.

Anchor Units featured in the gamesEdit


Anchor Unit Logo

The Anchor Unit symbol.

Anchor Mark

PROOF OF AUTHENTICITY - Your evidence that this girl is a true TRIGGERHEART!

TH Enhanced Anchor Glitch

Anchor Glitch in Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced.

  • The Anchor Unit symbol resembles an abstract frontal view of the D'rfend.
  • There's a second Anchor Unit symbol with a slightly different design, but still based on the front view of the D'rfend known as Anchor Mark (アンカーマーク Ankā Māku), it is seen on the Triggerhearts' arm parts and on the floor at the end of the opening sequence of Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced.
  • Faintear is the only Triggerheart with a different Anchor Unit symbol, probably her personal symbol represents the G'll Series.
  • In the iMode game Kumash!, Faintear Imitate's uses the same "D'rfend Emblem" when she Anchor-captures something in the game.
  • The Anchor Unit suffers a very curious glitch where the Anchor is fired behind the Triggerheart, to trigger this glitch press the Anchor button again IMMEDIATELY after tossing an enemy away.
  • The videogame Airheart: Tales of broken Wings features a weapon with the same "capture-and-throw" function of the Anchor Unit.