Ai Kannagi

Looks like Exelica's twin sister, but she's not.

Ai Kannagi (神凪アイ Kannagi Ai) is one of the characters featured in the doujin game Densou Tenshi Valforce, a 3D Action-Fighting game made by Yumesoft. She's the main character of the game, and her Valkyrie Number is No.001.

In the game "Line Up" she's the sixth opponent to fight the player and her Battle Stage is the Space Elevator.

Also, the character, suit and armor design are an obvious rip-off of Exelica, or they were heavily inspired by the Triggerheart unit (notice the bust up supports, pretty much like the Triggerhearts Spec Suits). Not to mention, her "Valkyrie Lance" is a possible nod to Exelica's A'rstear. Her 2P/CPU color is very Crueltear-esque.


  • Right Weapon: Beam Rifle
  • Left Weapon: Energy Bomb
  • Center Weapon: Valkyrie Lance


I won't lose. I'll be nobody if I lose.

- Ai Kannagi's personal quote

The first Valkyrie recruited in the Special Operative Forces "Valforce". Her enhanced units she wore when she was determined made her lead to victory as a top ace. She was born in order to fight for peace and her country as she was not bewildered during the real battle and facing consequences.

She is a bit cheerful although she was bashful during the days she is working.


Gameplay Video Edit

電装天使ヴァルフォース 公式PV 体験版

電装天使ヴァルフォース 公式PV 体験版

Gameplay video featuring Ai Kannagi, Nagare Kuroha and Mei Hokyo.